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MONO: The Movie

Two ratchet losers take over their school when the popular crowd is out sick with Mono, and they're willing to do anything to hold on to power.



  • Brooke

    Sophia Ali
  • Bucky

    Christian Delgrosso
  • CDC Expert

    Karan Soni
  • Christina

    Kara Royster
  • Coach

    Bruno Amato
  • Dugan

    Jake Paul
  • Garvey

    Keith Leak Jr.
  • Geeta

    Anita Kalthara
  • Ivan

    Sam Lerner
  • JP

    Sarah de la Isla
  • Katie

    Kathryn Newton
  • Melvin

    Brandon Bowen
  • Moose

    Eric Ochoa
  • Ms. Fusco

    Wendy McColm
  • Principal Cooper

    Marlon Young
  • Wyatt

    Ty Parker

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